Inline Water Filter Systems

What are In-line Water Filter Systems?

Inline water filters can be installed on any water line where filtered water is desired. They can be installed behind a refrigerator connected to the water line for better tasting water and ice. In addition to their use as inline refrigeration filters, inline water filters can also be installed at water fountains located in any building hallway, break room with Bunn coffee makers and hot water dispensers and can also service other appliance like washing machines, dishwashers or boiler supply lines. Because they can be used in a variety of specific applications, inline filters are often smaller in size (2.5" x 10").


How Are Inline Water Filter Systems Better than other Water Filters on the Market?

Inline water filter systems have several benefits that place them ahead of other water filters on the market. These benefits are namely an ease of installation, a high level of water flow produced, and the fact that it is simple to change and replace the filter cartridge.


Benefit 1 of Inline Water Filter Systems:

Inline water systems are extremely easy to install in a home or office setting that needs to be upgraded to have water filtered. Many times these systems can be installed by the individual homeowner without the need to hire a professional. This makes for convenient installation.


Benefit 2 of Inline Water Filtration:

Inline water filtration offers a precise type of water treatment for a specific purpose. These systems provide convenience within the home or office environment where people need access to clean, healthy water from any location. This system will ensure that everyone is able to share in the benefits of clean drinking water.

 Benefit 3 of Inline Water Filters:

Inline water filters are easy to install, and replacing the used filter cartridges is accomplished with ease. This makes it simple for your average homeowner to stay on top of the basic filter replacement maintenance required for these systems. Changing your replacement filter can easily be accomplished in five to ten minutes 

High Quality Inline Water Filter Systems

The Doulton ceramic candle filters are often installed as inline water filtration systems. These top-of-the-line ceramic filter systems are a proven technology that has been around since the 1830’s and remains a reliable treatment system and have a world renowned reputation as some of the best filters on the market. The quality and reliable clean tasting water these filters produce sets the industry standard. In addition to their excellent performance these ceramic filters can be cleaned when the water flow is restricted due to sediment buildup which allows for maximum use from the Doulton system before retiring.