Single Handle Water Filter Faucet

The Importance of Water Filtration

In today’s modern world, water filtration is increasingly important for both families and individuals. Poor water quality is not just an aesthetic drinking water issue with bad taste, and other contaminants that make it smell and stain. In these cases water for bathing and cleaning may also be need to be filtered.  The majority of water filter consumers are aware of water filters like Brita, which allow you to filter small amounts of drinking water or Pur water filters, which can be attached to a sink faucet in the kitchen and are fine for removing the aesthetic water quality issues. Many people may not consider the other options available including under-the-sink water filters, whole house water filtration systems, and a designated water filter faucet for resolving water contaminant issues that are life and health threatening.


What is a Single Handle Water Filter Faucet?

A single handle water filter faucet is most often a slender tall faucet in addition to the sink faucet and commonly added to a sink to dispense filtered water only. These faucets are tall and curved or angled so that they can easily fill large pots, pitchers or bottles that are sitting in the sink. There are two kind of single handle water filter faucets those with air gaps and those without.  And there are many different styles and finishes that these single handle water filter faucets are designed to match any decor. It is essential to purchase a water filter faucet that is compatible with the water filtration system you choose.  Water filter faucets are sized smaller than standard faucets where they connect to the water line from the water filter system.  Many water filters systems are sold with water filter faucets and the parts needed to make all the connections. This will make it easier to buy a faucet that works with the water filtration.  Usually these faucets are the standard economical faucet which is commonly used.  It is when you choose to upgrade your faucet purchase that you want to be aware of getting the right match for your water filtration system.


Two Distinct Types of Water Filter Faucets:

There are faucets specifically designed for dumping part of the water down the drain, these faucets are referred to as faucets with an Air Gap.  They are used with water filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis or some types of deionized/electrolysis water filtration systems.  Both of these systems use part of the water stream to remove contaminants which is sent to the drain as waste water.  These systems require an Air Gap by the Building Code to prevent any cross contamination with the portable water.


The non air gap single handle water filter faucets are used with most water filtration systems where all the water is sent through the water filtration system and then to the faucet for drinking and cooking purposes.  These types are considered zero water waste water filtration systems and are viewed as a sustainable means for filtering water.


Single Handle Water Filter Faucets Come in Many Styles:
Examples of the most popular single handle water filter faucets are the Standard Long Reach faucets and the Euro Style faucets.


Example 1 - Standard Long Reach Water Filter Faucets
The Standard Long Reach Single Handle Water Filter Faucet can be used with single or multiple housing water filtration systems. With this design the neck of the water filter faucet is purposefully bent to extend the flow of the filtered water closer to the center of the sink. The handle has two on position one is down which is held down by hand or the other is flipped up to run hands free.  These water filter faucet are economical and use a spring valve which at some point will require some maintenance.  These water filter faucets are available in many finishes and in the updated "Lead free" standard.


Example 2 - Euro Style Water Filter Faucets
The Euro Style single handle water filter faucets is a sleek design for dispensing filtered water at the point of use. These faucets have a 1/4 turn handle for turning the water to the on position and feature the preferred ceramic disc valve. These water filter faucets are available in a variety of finishes and can be found in the updated "Lead free" Standard which complies with California Prop. 65.  Note that not all models are compliant at this time so make sure what you are purchasing is compliant.