NSF 42 Certified

NSF Certified for standard 42

NanoCeram Pleated 4.5" x 10" Filter

NanoCeram® Pleated Water Filter 4.5" x 10"

NanoCeram® Pleated 4.5" x 10" Filter is an exceptionally unique filter with an absolute rating of 0.2 microns while maintaining high flow rates comparable to 3 micron pleated filters. Using a technological advancement in water filtration that has been used by NASA, U.S. Air Force, Toyota and many others for a performance in filtration that produces incredible results and cost savings for a broad range of particles down to 0.2 microns.

Matrikx-Carbon Block VOC

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MATRIKX® VOCTM is the most effective water filter available for the combined reduction of VOCs and control of large volumes and concentrations of chlorine taste and odor. Manufactured is using a patented, solid-state extrusion process, the MATRIKX® VOCTM  water filter meets NSF/ANSI Standard 53, Turbidity Reduction.


Doulton Sterasyl™ Imperial 10" OBE

Sterasyl Imperial 10" OBE

Sterasyl Imperial

The Sterasyl Imperial cartridge is 10" x2.75"  and open on both ends to fit standard water filter housings.  The cartridge makes for an excellent replacement for sediment filters.  Since the cartridge can be cleaned, the Sterasyl filter can last years and remove a greater number of impurities from  the water.  The added advantage of a ceramic pre-filter in any systems is the reduction of pathogenic bacteria and organic materials from the water.