Water Filtration Systems

Why Are Water Filtration Systems Important?

Clean, safe water is essential to a good quality of life. Water filtration systems are an important part of any healthy lifestyle. From pathogens to heavy metals our water can be contaminated with all manner of pollutants. Water filtration systems eliminate pathogens, toxins and provide safe, clean drinking water for the home and work environment.

What Kinds of Water Filtration Systems Are Available to Choose From?

Water filtration systems range from highly effective whole house systems that treat all water coming into a residence, to counter-top systems that treat water directly out of the sink faucet, or under the counter systems that filter water coming into the filtered water faucet.  Each of these systems has its own set of benefits. Understanding the unique needs of your particular home or office location will help you decide which one of these systems is right for you.

Counter top Water Filtration Systems

Counter top water systems are convenient and easy to install. They may be effective at eliminating water-borne pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals. They have a high rate of efficiency compared to systems mounted on the faucet and are able to easily switch back and forth from filtered to unfiltered water. Counter top water systems are a good choice for the home renter and the college student.

Under Sink Water Filtration Systems

Under-the-sink water filtration systems filter water at the point-of-use and offer the highest quality water possible for consumption. Since the water is filtered right before drinking or using there is no opportunity for the water to become contaminated. The sink faucet is used for kitchen cleaning purposes with unfiltered water.  While the under-the-sink system requires installation and connection to the cold water supply pipe, it is also more esthetically pleasing with its own filter water faucet.  Many homeowners prefer this system because the sink area is free of the water filtration system components and the supply of filtered water is a regular part of their lives.

Office Water Filtration Systems

Installing an office water filtration system can make sense in the long run for a business. The cost of delivered bottles can add up over time and they have to be constantly stored and moved. An office water filtration system is a complete solution to providing healthy drinking water at a place of business. Installing one may ultimately save business owners money in the long run while helping to keep employees healthy and reducing green house gases by reducing plastic and transportation exhaust.