Whole House Water Filters

Why Choose a Whole House Water Filter?

When deciding on a water filtration system a whole house system can be the best option for a homeowner. Whole house water filter systems provide many benefits to the consumer.

Whole House Water Filters Improve and Protect Drinking Water:

Whole house water filters provide the most comprehensive approach to ensuring that every drop of water entering the home has been properly filtered. In this way you can have peace of mind that water coming from any tap in the house is safer and better for using and bathing purposes.

Whole House Water Filters make Cleaning and Bathing Safer:

Because whole house water filtration systems work at the point of entry-of-water into the entire home, you can be assured that all of the water that enters a residence has been filtered and treated for multiple house hold purposes. This can mean that the water used for washing clothes and dishes or used for bathing has been treated to improve smell, feel and effectiveness for cleaning. The water in your house is completely treated for all types of use.

How to Choose the Right Whole House Water Filter:

There are important considerations to make when deciding to install a whole house water filtration system. These include finding a water quality professional with a good reputation, picking a system that handles your unique water quality issues, and finding a system that offers total protection for all manner of impurities which may mean a combination of treatment and filtering systems to achieve the job.

1. Test the Water:

Every water quality issue is unique. It is a good idea to test the water entering your home or workplace to discover what contaminants may be present. Only by doing this can you know what type of water filter system will best provide the solution to your particular filtration needs.

2. Choose a Whole House Water Filter and /or Treatment System with Clear Expectations of Performance: 

It is essential that the consumer choose a whole house water filtration / treatment system that has clear performance expectations or claims as to what the system will remove and not remove. Once again in order to know whether a System can meet the performance claims, it is essential to know what is in the water and how much the system can remove before needing to be replaced or regenerated.  Reading about the system and filters will educate you about the units' ability to remove contaminants in the water and for how long to expect the filter to operate.  When more than one impurity exist in the water to be removed and usually there are more than one, a calculation will need to be worked out to best estimate a safe operating schedule. Water treatment professionals can help in this calculation.

3. Purchase a Whole House Water Filter that Offers Total Protection

These days there are all types of contaminants found in household water. From alkaline salts, organic compounds, pathogens, radioactive and heavy metals, it is important to choose a whole house water filter system that takes care of all issues and offers total protection for your home or place of business.