HIP UltraCarb In-Line

Doulton HIP UltraCarb In-Line
Doulton HIP UltraCarb In-Line
Reduces: Chlorine + Heavy metals + Organic Chemicals + Bacteria + Cyst + Sediment + Iron particles + Turbidity
Filter type: UltraCarb
Replacement filter cost:
Replace after:6 mo. or 600 gal.

The In-Line water filter system is installed along an existing supply line to either a water cooler,  water fountain, ice maker or coffee brewer station.  The Doulton®  UltraCarb In-Line water filter system is one of the best water filter systems on the market today.  The Doulton Ceramic filter has been a unique water treatment technology since the 1850's and continues to provide the same basic protection against microbiological contamination.   


Today the UltraCarb™ is the best water filter Doulton makes because it provides 3 filtering components in one.  The Ceramic out shell protects against microbiological contamination. The inner space of the ceramic shell contains Activated Carbon Block which consists of tightly bonded carbon powders to form a solid block with microscopic pores that adsorb chemicals and removes chlorine.   In addition to the Carbon materials are cation resins that are attached to the carbon and remove heavy metals like lead from the water.


These three materials do a superior job at removing the most common contaminants that are found in many water sources. 

  • Microbiological bacteria,
  • Chlorine resistant cyst,
  • Disinfectant By-Products,
  • Volatile Organic Compounds,
  • Herbicides
  • Lead, and Copper
  • Pharmaceuticals

Additional information available for downloading:

  • No Plastic Waste: Eco-Friendly Ceramic Water Filter Made Form Diatomaceous Earth.

  • Improves Taste and Removes Odors.

  • Protects Against Pathogenic Bacteria Common in Brown Water Alets.

  • Protects Against Cryptosporidium, and Chlorine Resistant Parasites.

  • Removes Chlorine a Disinfectant and Oxidation Agent.

  • Removes Lead in Water From Old Pipes in City and Household Plumbing.

  • Ceramic Filter Can be Cleaned, Prolonging the Use, and Extending the Value.

  • NSF Certified for standard 42

  • Independently Tested to Verify the Reduction of These Claims

  • Removes > 99.99% Vibrio Cholerae (Cholera) bacteria

  • Removes > 99.999% Cryptosporidium cysts

  • Removes E. Coli bacteria

  • Removes Giardia cysts

  • Removes Insecticide and Herbicides

  • Removes Trihalomethanes

  • Shows how to clean a Doulton ceramic water filter