About: Filters for Tap


Filters for Tap is a private company providing custom designed water filtration systems to meet the water quality needs of home owners, businesses and restaurants.   With an online store we are able to offer some of the systems we sell in Asheville, NC area to customers living beyond the Blue Ridge Mountain area. Edward G. Cortright III is the owner of the company and is a Certified Water Treatment Specialist. He started the company in July 2009 as a means to reduce the amount of waste created by the plastic water bottles and to offer solutions for maintaining our right to clean, safe, and great tasting water for everyone.


The water treatment / water filtration industry is very competitive with thousands and thousands of business out there wanting to sell simple to elaborate water treatment systems to you.  To set our company apart from the many others, we aim to be educated on current water issues that effect water quality and to be knowledgeable about existing products that are on the market in order to best guide you regarding their use and capability of resolving your water quality needs.   We also aim to evaluate new media and equipment in discerning the right conditions in which they will work well and be efficient to operate.   


Treating water is a complicated science and art.  Before treating or filtering the water, in order to get the best water filtration system installed, one must understand what is in the water that needs removing.   And, because the health of the environment is critical to our children’s future, their quality of life and to their overall health through out their lives, we evaluate our products so that products sell for your water quality problems have  sustainable value as well.


Through collaboration and communication we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to do.   We invite your feedback, comment and desire to collaborate with us in reducing what we take from the earth in order to live a more healthful and mindful life in the world today.