Doulton Ultracarb Water Filter

The Doulton Ultracarb Water Filter Ensures Water Quality is Safe and Healthy 

Why Choose a Doulton® Water Filter?


The UK-based company, Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL), manufactures the internationally recognized Doulton® ceramic water filters and British Berkefeld®. The Doulton® ceramic filter has a 175 years of experience in filtering water and Doulton® water filters are used in 140 countries across the globe and by emergency aid organization.  As a leader in the water purification industry, FICL is dedicated to providing healthy, safe drinking water all over the world. Doulton® water filters are one of the most trusted, highest quality brands on the market. The production process for FICL's water filters meet the BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 quality standards. Doulton® water filters have also  qualified for NSF ® and WRAS certifications. the Doulton® UlterCarb™ brand, have met the highest level of international testing requirements Cyst, Bacteria, E-Coli reductions.

The Benefits of a Doulton® Ultracarb™ Water Filters

Doulton® Ultracarb™ water filter has a wide variety of benefits for both homes and offices:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to maintain
  • Removes chlorine and odors to improve taste of drinking water.
  • Prevents Pathogenic Bacteria from contaminating water (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.)
  • Removes Cryptosporidium.
  • Removes rust down to 0.5 microns.
  • Removes organics.
  • Ceramic filter shell is easy to clean, prolonging filter life and extending filter value.
  • Filters lead and heavy metals out of drinking water.
  • Replace the filter every 600 gallons or every 6 months to maintain certified performance.
  • Filters are NSF Certified for standard 42.
  • Filters are NSF/ANSI for standard 53.
  • HIP and HCP Doulton Systems using UltraCarb meet California, Iowa, Massachusetts and Wisconsin laws for sale.

Types of Doulton® Water Filters

The Doulton® HCP - UltraCarb™ Candle Water Filter     

This Doulton® Ultracarb water filter is a counter-top design. It is a single housing system that is easy to install and maintain and will protect your family or clients from a broad variety of contaminants that many other single housing water filter systems cannot. This unit is designed to work with any of the Doulton® ceramic candle filters.


The Doulton® HCP2 Fluoride/Ultracrab™ Water Filter  

This double housing, counter-top water filter design increases your protection from lead, fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, THM, bacteria and protozoan cyst. These two water filters increase drinking water safety from microorganisms and trace contaminants. The clean taste is noticeable to customers when using this filter system. This Doulton® filter easily attaches to a water faucet in homes and offices.