Standard water filter faucet

This is the Standard Faucet that is included with most of our single housing water filter systems.

Long Reach Brush Nickel Water Faucet
Price: $64.00

Elegant and Simple Brushed Nickel Drinking Water Faucet, features 1/4 turn Ceramic Valve.  

For cold water use / 100° F (38°C) max.

“C”models are NSF certified and California AB1953 compliant.

Euro Style Faucet,  meets new lead-free standards, filter water faucet
Price: $85.80

Euro style faucet for dispensing filtered water at the point of use. Ceramic valve provides smooth 1/4 tune operational.  Lead-free brass meets California Prop. 65. This is an elegant water faucet for despensing filtered water from an under-the-sink water filtration system.


6 feet of 3/8 tubing, 3/8 push fit connecting tee,  3/8 push fit tee wiht 3/8 compression fittings, 3/8 push fit gate valve, faucet / push fit connector:

These parts will make most under the sink installations easy to install.


Everything you need to install under the sink water filtration systems including a water filter faucet.