BHL 4201 1st Filter Cartridge

Price: $85.00

BHL 4201 1st filter cartridge removes rust stains, sand and improves taste. Primarily works as a sediment filter to prevent the main carbon filter from fouling out to early.  This is the type A filter for the BHL 4200 Alkazone water fountain which house two filters.


  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Rust Particles
  • Other Precipitated Minerals


Sediment filters provide the protection to the other filters and the machine to keep the filters and machine form becoming clogged with fine particulates like sand, rust and other precipitated compounds.  


Evidence of a sediment filter needing to be replaced are:

  • water flow becomes slower than 1/3 a gallon a minute.
  • black, purple or red color bacteria presents on the filter or washer.
  • discolor water coming from the water fountain or present in the water supply.