BHL-4202 Water Filter

BHL 4202 Replacement Filter
Price: $85.00

The Alkazone BHL 4200 houses two filters.  The 4202 filter is one of 3 options for the water fountain in the second filter housing position.   The 4202 is best at reducing Chlorine and organic chemicals and is recommended for 1000 gallons of water use.  Carbon filters are excellent options for removing Chlorine and volatile organic compounds however the greater the number of compounds that need to be removed from a water source the less capacity the carbon has to remove all the compounds.  Therefore Filters For Tap recommends an addition carbon filter prior to the machine to improve the reduction rate and to get the maximum use from the 4202 filter.  


The BHL filter cartridges is constructed of coconut shell carbons. Carbon is excellent at removing:


Volatile Organic Compounds