Matrikx +1/CTO Carbon Block Filter_4.5" x 20"_2 micron

20" carbon block water filter

MATRIKX® CTO® PLUSTM provides comprehensive control of chlorine taste and odor. MATRIKX® CTO® PLUSTM  offers: 0.6 micron nominal filtration with extended life as a fine sediment and silt control filter, comprehensive removal of chlorine taste and odor and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor, and high VOC reduction capacity. The service life of MATRIKX® CTO® PLUSTM -filters are greatly extended by a pre-filtration filter.


maximum operating pressure: 125 PSIG.

Operating Temperature: 50-125 degrees F.

Tested and verified by independent laboratory testing and certified under NSF/ANSI standard 42 for materials only.


A nominal 0.6 micron rating.

Chlorine reduction is greater than 150,000 Gallons of water at 7 gallons a minute.

Estimated Organic Chemicals and Disinfectant Bi-Products reduction 5,600 GPM at 3.5 GPM rate. 




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