SuperSterasyl 6.5”(S) Gravity

Price: $30.75

The SuperSterasyl 6.5”(S) Gravity water filter candle is specifically for the Stainless Steel Portable Gravity water filter; it is designed to reduce suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, and improve taste and odor.


The outer ceramic Sterasyl shell composition and manufacture have been delicately balanced to control the maximum pore size, flow rate, and candle hardness and eliminate the need for sterilization after cleaning. The core of the candle contains granular activated carbon to reduce organic chemicals and improve the color, taste, and odor of drinking water. This candle is not recommended for high pressure (high flow rate) systems. The SuperSterasyl candle is only available as a “candle” (fitted with a threaded plastic cap on one end) and not as a cartridge.


The great majority of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and cysts are larger than one micron. The pore size of the ceramic filter element is controlled so that it will remove all suspended matter larger than 0.9 microns.