Doulton Carbon Block 10" Filter


A Doulton Carbon Block filter that reduces chlorine, vocs and organics. Fits Doulton In-line and Counter-top Housings. This filter works best coupled with an additional Doulton UltraCarb  ceramic water filter to improve the reduction of chlorine and other organic chemicals. With the additional Carbon water filter as the first filter in the HCP2 or the HIP2 Doulton Doulbe Housing water filtration units, you can prolong the use of the UltraCarb filter longer than the 6 month or 600 gallon replacement period.   The extra carbon block can reduce the amount of chlorine the UltraCarb filter will be exposed while providing additional time for the water to be in conatact witht the carbon material.  This additional contact time with the carbon allows the Carbon water filter to remove more contaminants from the water.