Doulton Sterasyl™ Imperial 10" OBE

Sterasyl Imperial 10" OBE

Sterasyl Imperial

The Sterasyl Imperial cartridge is 10" x2.75"  and open on both ends to fit standard water filter housings.  The cartridge makes for an excellent replacement for sediment filters.  Since the cartridge can be cleaned, the Sterasyl filter can last years and remove a greater number of impurities from  the water.  The added advantage of a ceramic pre-filter in any systems is the reduction of pathogenic bacteria and organic materials from the water.

The Sterasyl grade ceramic was designed to screen suspended solids, turbidity, parasites and pathogenic bacteria, it is cleanable to provide a longer service life than non-ceramic filter elements. The ceramic utilizes the natural micro-porous properties of diatomaceous earth in the ceramic along with careful monitoring of the firing schedule, to provide strictly controlled filtration efficiency together with optimum pore distribution giving maximum flow.


The incorporation of our EPA registered silver in the Sterasyl Imperial ceramic prevents the growth of bacteria on the ceramic and eliminates the need for boiling that is necessary with the Standard filter elements. The silver content and the amount of silver leached into the drinking water during use is well below the levels recommended by the World Health Organization and the EPA.

NOTE: The Sterasyl Imperial ceramic utilizes the same ceramic technology that is found in the following Doulton filter elements:
Supercarb, Ultracarb, Super Sterasyl



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