UltraCarb™ 10" Replacement Candle

Doulton ceramic filter: UltraCarb Candle screws into a Doulton housing system.

The UltraCarb™ Candle is Doulton's best home water filter for a point-of-use water filter system.  A cleanable ceramic filter element designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, bad odor / taste and chemicals.


The Ultracarb ceramic filter elements comprise of the Sterasyl ceramic shell, to remove suspended solids, turbidity, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and cleanable to provide a longer service life than non-ceramic filter elements. The incorporation of a carbon block insert inside the ceramic shell serves to remove tastes, odors, trace organics and chlorine. The Ultracarb carbon block also contains a lead removing media to remove lead.


Additionally, since silver is incorporated in the Sterasyl ceramic, the Ultracarb filter elements do not suffer the growth of bacteria on the ceramic which eliminates the need for boiling that is necessary with the Standard filter elements.



The 2" diameter, 10" long Ultracarb candle, when used in a Doulton HIP or British Berkefeld HIS housing has been tested and certified as meeting the requirements of the WRAS.


The 2" diameter, 10" long Ultracarb candle, when used in a Doulton HIP, HIP/Inline or HCP housing is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as meeting their Standard 42 (aesthetic) for particulate and chlorine reduction and Standard 53 ( health ) criteria for lead, cyst and turbidity reduction. 


Additionally the 2" diameter, 10" long Ultracarb candle, is certified for material requirements only, this means that the ceramic filter element is NSF certified as a component. However, fitting an NSF certified filter candle into a non Doulton filter housing will not provide an NSF certified system – even if the housing is NSF certified.


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