Install Kit for Water Coolers

List Price:  $32.00

If you are installing your own water cooler, you will also need additional parts to connect to a water supply line and run tubing to the water cooler.  When we do an installation we connect above a water shut off valve at a sink and run the tubing to the water cooler location.  Keeping the cooler with in 50 feet of the water supply source when using 1/4 tubing.   When installing water Coolers in building with more than 2 stories high we recommend the use of a pressure regulator.


The Installation Kit for Water Coolers provides:

  • 50'-1/4" Tubing
  • 1/4" quick connect JG shut off valve
  •  3/8" tee Quick Connect  for splicing a 3/8 supply line.
  • 3- 3/8 reducing stems x 1/4 Quick Connect