Point-of-Use Water Filters / Point of Use Water Filtration Systems

The Advantages of Point of Use Water Filters

What Are Point-of-Use Water Filtration Systems?

Point-of-Use or POU water filtration systems filters water at any location  water is drawn from the tap, so any sink location in a house or building would qualify. Also water fountains and water coolers are Point-of-Use dispensers that can be fitted with water filtration systems.  Most often the tap location for the water filter is at the kitchen sink and sometimes bathroom faucet. There are many different kinds of POU water filtration systems available and a few details to consider when choosing a point-of-use water filter to resolve specific water quality issues. Some water filters are easier to install, operate, and maintain than others. Analyzing a water sample,  a "first draw sample", will provide the needed information to understanding the water issues that exist in the home or building. A certified water quality expert can assess with the water analysis and ensure buyers are making the best choice possible when choosing a water filtration system for a point-of-use location.


What Types of Point-of-Use Water Filtration Systems Are available?  

A variety of point-of-use water filter systems are available on-line and in stores. Four of the most common point-of-use styles are described below.


Faucet Mount Point-of-Use Water Filters:  Point-of-use water filters that are mounted to an existing sink faucet can be an option for reducing chlorine tastes and some contaminants including lead in trace amounts but these contaminants can vary depending on the filter. The faucet mount filters replace the aerator and mount directly onto the tap. These types of point-of-use water filters have a lever to direct water into the water filter unit when the lever is turned toward the filter water position. The filter is small which limits the amount of water that can be filtered before the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Systems that allow for a cartridge to be replaced are more environmentally friendly than those that require the plastic housing to be disposed when replacing the filter.  Replacement filter cartridges cost can add up to more than other filter systems over the course of a year but the initial cost is very low and economical for short term use. The filter requires changing every month in order to provide significant reduction of contaminants.


Counter-Top Connected to Sink Faucet Point-of-Use Water Filtration Systems:   Point-of-use water filters that sit on the counter-top use a diverter valve to connect onto the sink faucet in place of the aerator. The diverter valve can then be turned to send water to the water filtering system out of the main faucet. From the diverter valve a tube connects the faucet to the counter top water filter system. Filtered water is accessible through a return tube attached attached to the diverter valve at the faucet or a spout located on the counter-top point-of-use water filtration system. These systems offer ease of installation with some models providing high quality drinking water and reasonable start-up and operating cost.


Under-the-Sink Point-of-Use Water Filters Connected to a Separate Faucet:   Point-of-use water filtration systems can also be installed under-the-sink. It requires a tee connection into the cold water supply line to the sink faucet for the water supply to the filter and an installation of a single handle faucet at the top of the sink. Filtered water can now be dispensed to the separate faucet at the sink that is designated for filtered water only.  The hidden under sink filter can also provide filtered water to other appliances like ice makers, coffee machines, on-demand hot water units for tea or refrigerators. 


Water Fountain or Water Cooler Point-of-Use Water Filtration Systems: The water fountain in the hallway of a building that is passed by everyday can be outfitted with an in-line water filtration system to provide chilled filtered water to any who drinks the water from the fountain.  Newer versions of the water fountains are designed so a water bottle can more easily be filled by a spout built-in to the fountain.  The water cooler with the in-line water filtering systems are taking the place of bottle water coolers.  The filtered water cooler are free standing and can be located in any location to provide filtered water. The units uses a small tubing to run water to the unit from a near by supple line to a faucet in some other location in the building.