Portable Stainless Steel Gravity Filter

Portable Ceramic Water Filter
Ceramic water filter in stainless steel housing
Reduces: chlorine + organic chemicals + Bacteria + Cyst + Sediment + Iron particles
Filter type: Sterasyl SuperCarb
Replacement filter cost:
Replace after:4 mo. or 400 gal.

This stainless steel portable water filter weighs less than 1.5 pounds and packs nicely in a small bag (3.5" diameter by 7.5" tall). The portable water filter works by gravity to provide quality filtered water. Small enough for a back pack or an overnight suit case when size matters. This unit can provide convenience and peace of mind. Don't worry about drinking the water from the stream and if you still want to use the iodine tablets, then the water filter will remove the bad taste and color form the water.

This unit is great for packing in your suit case and having great tasting water when you are traveling, backpacking in the back country or in a country or region where water borne disease are a concern. The ceramic filter gives you absolute 1 micron protection against water borne bacteria and protozoan. The ceramic filter also has a carbon block inside to eliminate bad taste and remove trace amounts of organic chemicals. The unit comes with a carrying bag and is made from a high grade polished stainless steel. Gravity filters do require time for the water to seep through the filter; this unit will yield about a quart of water per hour.

  • Protects Against Pathogenic Bacteria Common in Brown Water Alets.

  • Protects Against Cryptosporidium, and Chlorine Resistant Parasites.

  • Removes Chlorine a Disinfectant and Oxidation Agent.

  • Removes Small Particles Down to 0.5microns Like Iron Rust.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • Removes > 99.999% Cryptosporidium cysts

  • Removes E. Coli bacteria

  • Removes Giardia cysts

  • Removes > 99.999% Salmonella Typhi (typhoid) bacteria