HydroFlow S-38

HydroFlow S-38
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HydroFlow S-38 Prevents and Removes Lime-scale build up in plumbing fixtures, pipes, on-demand hot water heaters, and other heating systems and appliances without the use of softeners or other chemicals.  HydroFlow technology protects on-demand hot water heater, decrease or eliminate the need for de-liming heat exchangers, and maintain the efficiency of the units.


Soluble hard-water as Calcium Bicarbonate reacts to heat and soap and adds cost  for home owners from energy inefficient hot water heaters, increase maintenance cost, increasing cost with detergents for laundry, dishes, and bathing soaps.


HydroFlow prevents and removes lime scale build-up with out the use of salts unlike water softeners and maintains a lasting effective unlike magnetic coils.  HydroFlow is a non-chemical technology that is unique and environmentally friendly since it does not require back-washing or additional additives to operate.


Inaddition HydroFlow technology can destroy bacteria in the water from a contaminated well source or biofilm found within the water distribution system and is being tested to reduce iron bacteria in wells and toilet tanks.


Additional filtration systems may be required in order to gain the benefits from the installation of a HydroFlow unit.


Note: The unit may not be effective for water with high levels of Silica present in the source water.   Additional filtration may be required to reduce  Iron, sediment, or other contaminants.

A through water analysis and review is always recommended before designing a water treatment plan.


Additional information available for downloading:

  • Easy to Install

  • Extends the life of more expensive Water Filters.

  • Kills Bacteria.

  • No Salt, no chemicals needed,

  • Prevents the build up of lime scale.

  • 100% of the water is used, No Water wasted or sent to Waste Drain: This is a SUSTAINABLE Water Treatment Solution.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • HydroFlow Pre Installation of S-38
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