Sediment_Chlorine Whole House Water Filter

whole house water filtration system for iron-chlorine-sediment-organic chemicals
Reduces: Chlorine + Organic Chemicals + Sediment + Iron particles
Filter type: Carbon Block/Pleated pre-filter
Replacement filter cost:
Replace after:6 months/6 months

This whole house water filtration unit is a simple and basic means for removing sediment and chlorine from the water supply at the point the water lines enter into your building. 


The whole house water filtration system benefits those in the building by reducing Chlorine at all fixture in the home.  Also the system protects pipes, hot water heaters, boilers and appliances from sediment build up and the oxidation action of chlorine.  The noticeable benefit is the clean smelling water running out of every shower and faucet.  In addition activated carbon is a beneficial media for removing and reducing the presence of trace amounts organic chemicals, Hydrogen Sulfides or rotten egg odor, and even the presence of Radon gas.   Carbon Block filter is a 5 micron nominal which allows a reasonable water flow for 5-8 gallons a minute depending variable components and features within the building. 


For replacement filters Click: Carbon Block  or Pre-Filter


Unit includes:

  • 2 Big Blue Housings 20"
  • 1 Bracket
  • 10 Mounting screws
  • 1 Joining fitting
  • 1 Sediment filter
  • 1 Carbon block filter
  • 1 Wrench


  • Eco-friendly Water Filter Saves Water and Protects Appliances.

  • Improves Taste and Removes Odors.

  • Removes Chlorine a Disinfectant and Oxidation Agent.

  • Removes Small Particles Down to 0.5microns Like Iron Rust.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • NSF Certified for standard 42

  • Testing and analyzing your water before installing a water treatment system is recommended.

  • Note: Use only with micro-biologically safe water.