Water Filtration Systems Frequently Preferred by Customers

300SS Water Distiller with Glass Carafe
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 Best in Class, Stainless Steel & Glass Carafe Water Distiller – Model 300SS Our most popular unit from our Best-in-Class Countertop Home Water Distiller models with 100% Stainless Steel Steam Chamber and Condensing Coil, this water distiller also has a Stainless Steel exterior and New Top Quality One Gallon Glass Carafe with Ergonomic “Easy Lift” Handle.  


Doulton Single Housing System

The Doulton®  UltraCarb Under-the-Sink water filter system is one of the best water filter systems on the market today.  The Doulton Ceramic filter is a water filter that has been a unique water treatment technology that has been around since the 1850's and continues to provide the same basic protection against microbiological contamination.   



Water Filtration Systems by Filters For Tap. 

Water Filters for Homes, Offices, and Restaurants.

Water Filtration Systems installed in our homes and work area are a key component to living a healthy and sustainable life.  By filtering our water before we drink or cook it, we increase the benefits of consuming our daily intake of water.  We need water; water filters remove the dangerous contaminants that are increasingly finding their way into our public and private water supplies.  A home water filter system like an under sink systems provides convenience to a busy schedule and insures you that your family is getting the fresh tasting, clean, safe water from reliable water filters.   


For work counter-top water filters located in the break room give your staff the health benefits that are valued beyond physical terms. Counter-Top water filtration systems are easy to install and visible for everyone to see and take advantage of filtered water.   But a water cooler with  filtered water supplied to the unit may be a better choice given the need for specific locations.   One of the cost effective water filters to implement at work is to install an in-line water filter at an existing water fountain that was installed in the building when it was constructed.  These fountains are most likely already chilling the water and a ceramic water filter would provide quality protection for everyone.

Frequently Asked Question: “What is the main concern I should have about Chlorine?"

Answer:  Chlorine is a disinfectant and is used to insure water is delivered through the 100’s of miles of distributions components to everyone’s home and office free of infectious microbes. 

  • Chlorine kills these infectious microbes all the way to your tap and prevents illness and fatality.  But once the water leaves the faucet tap chlorine is no longer helpful; it is destructive.   There are millions of beneficial bacteria inside the body and chlorine in the body will kill it.  Filtered water protects the essential bacteria that support the body's immune system by removing chlorine. 
  •  Chlorine is also an oxidant.  Oxidants attack cells and are the dominant cause of over a hundred human diseases. Also aging is hastened by the onslaught of oxidants in the body. There is a lot of information available about the benefits of anti-oxidants reducing the disease that occur with aging.   When you drink filtered water you eliminate one source of oxidants from ever entering your body.

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