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Bye Bye Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are creating waste problems, recycling issues and  contribute 3 times more to  green house gases along the product delivery line.  Reduce your foot print in the office and be proud that your company is provide quality drinking water while reducing your companies global foot print .

Consulting, Water Testing, and Water Treatment Systems for Private wells

 Prior to adding a water filter or water treatment system  to your home, call us to help you determine which treatment options  will best your water quality needs.  

Maybe you recent;y bought a new home with water treatment tanks and have questions about it or are thinking of renovating and want to improve your water supply at the same time, lets talk first. Or are you a DIY kind -of person but maybe some guidance would be reassuring.   Give us a call and we will be happy to help with your water quality, water filtering and water treatment questions.


Products and Installation


Our top selling water filter systems in Asheville for the kitchen area is the Doulton two filter unit with an independent water faucet.   This unit can be outfitted with different filters options. Our most common combination of water filters reduces lead, fluoride, chlorine, disinfectant byproducts and bacteria to provide the best filtered water.

We install all under the sink water filter system including adding faucet through granite counter tops.  Serving all water filtering systems for point of use and whole house systems.